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Need help badly. :(


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Well i will try and be short if i can in explaining the whole thing to you. I was in this relationship for one and half years and the last half was not good at all. We had constant fights with each other on every small issue. During the whole of the relationship i had always given her everything she wanted from me. I changed completely for her. From changing every bad habit of mine to behaving very sweetly with her all the time. I took every bit of her rudeness which she presented me with because i really was in love with her. But the later half changed it all. But whenever we use to have a fight,she always use to hurt me for everything. She use to abuse me in anger,while i always took it and never replied back with any sort of abuse till date. Whether i was out with her or anything,whenever she lost her cool she always use to abuse me and sometimes got onto hitting me showing how rude she could get. I told her that i was not liking all this and that she needed to change this habit of hers. She promised me many a times but she never changed this habit of hers. Her behaviour got worse with every single day. There were instances when we use to fit over issues and she use to get and go back alone leaving me alone to bear the pain,and this was when she had done a mistake. She always use to be cold about the relationship in the later half. Switching of her phone at random times so that i could not contact her. Whenever we use to fight she simply use to go out with her friends without even realising what pain she was making me go through. When she joined college things got even worse. She made new friends,people who were elder to her in age. At this time we both had made out many a times and i got a little over possesive like any normal guy would be. Whenever she use to be in college and with friends she never cared to reply to my texts or attend my calls,and when she was alone at home she would say that now we can talk,still leaving was i use to do at that time i always use to talk to her and tell her that i dint like this behaviour of hers. But it never stopped,she was always busy in college and dint care much.

Once i told her to cut on her talks with a guy in her group whom i really dint like because he always use to flirt with her. She even said love you to him after we had been in the relationship. She told me that and said it wont happen again. From that day i dint like that guy. She did go out of contact but soon when her group people started asking her on as to why she had been out of touch with that guy and even that guy on occasions asked her as to why she was out of touch and soon she was back in touch again. When i asked her why she replied saying that she was friends with her before we two even met and all sorts of things. I kept shut and talked to her.

The next night when i came up with this topic she again behaved very badly. I was upset at this action of hers. I thought she would calm me down because i was really feeling bad. But she did the opposite,she shouted and behaved badly as she had done before. She started defending on as to what that guy had done that u disliked him and he is a friend of mine i cant hurt him. She said that i was too over possesive for her and that i felt insecure,which was the truth and she could do nothing about it. She said i was getting mad and all that stuff. With this she finally broked off and she knew i was getting hurt but still she was acting cold. It mad me cry and i asked her why she was doing this to me? And with this she kept the phone.

Its been 3 days since we have had a talk and that i was very serious for her and i dont want to loose her. But her behaviour is so bad that i fear she will leave me anytime and that then i will be even more hurt. I dont know what to do,i really feel as if she played with my life all this while when i had not done anything to her. I loved her and now i dont know what to do. It hurts me,i cant take her thought out of my mind.

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