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I was only with this guy for about 2 to 3 months. I fell harder than I thought. But after about 1 month of talking and only 2 weeks of being exclusive he moved in with a new roommate, a guy he had known from high school, and he changed completely. We only broke up a week ago but I cannot stop thinking about him, but when I think about him I really only think about the things I liked about him. So to try to stop this from happening- I'm going to list some of the awful things he did so maybe I can get some support for moving on and not going backwards.


When we first started dating he poured on the compliments, then one day he stopped.

My cousin who was staying with me for a few weeks, who is my best friend, he said "was one of the weirdest people he's ever met, and incredibly selfish."

He spent all of Saturday and Sunday drinking and expected me to sit around while he did that.

He told me we needed to spend less time together because he was "busy," busy playing video games and hanging out with his roommate.

He forgot to call me when I asked him to, several times, only a few weeks into the relationship.

He told me he was falling in love with me then took it back.

He "took me out to dinner" one night and he was so cheap (but makes a lot of money) that we had to share a drink at Chipotle.

He didn't want to come over one night because he "didn't want to lose his parking spot."

I went over to his house one day to cook breakfast for him, he didn't mention that his roommate took the day off and when I got there I thought he was coming out to meet me but he was actually shot-gunning a beer.

One time he threw a fit when we had gone to a somewhat nice restaurant and he decided he wasn't going to pay, so I had to.


I could probably go on...

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