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This time of year makes me super depressed and it's not even the weather


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I seem to have nothing but bad things happen in fall now every time it rolls around I can't help but be incredibly unhappy. In 2008 I went to homecoming with a girl I really liked for a long while, long story short she misunderstood my feelings and made out with another guy after that I just decided to drink really heavily. 2009 I got arrested for underage drinking and my best friend's mom died that was pretty bad, then last year I got a yes then an I don't know then a no from a girl I really liked got arrested for shoplifting alcohol (Quite frankly I was just pissed about the drinking age I got thrown in a cell for 12 hours just for drinking when I was 18) and tried to OD and kill myself. Now I barely drink I'm trying to be happier I'm starting at a 4 year college in January, a girl I really like is going to have me meet her parents then I can go out with her however her phone's broken and her sisters in the hospital so I've barely talked to her even though I'm worried I think it should work out still. Despite all these positive changes in my life this time of year has me feeling ridiculously down I just think about all that it gets me down I sleep 12 hours on my days off, somedays I really don't feel like living anymore it really sucks.

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