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Asking to be official?!


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I've known this girl for about a month now. 3 of those weeks we have been seeing each other and have been intimate. we probably see each other around 3-4 times a week.


She said she likes spending time with me.


I was just wondering if there is a set time to ask someone to be your gf or not?

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Maybe something like "I'm really enjoying the time we spend together and getting to know you, and I feel at this point, I'm really not interested in seeing anyone else. How do you feel about it?"


I like that one^


Also, " I believe that you're a really insertnicequalityhere, insertattractivetraithere person, and I like spending time with you, and I wanted to know if we could take this further?"

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Agreed. Just have a little chat and tell her you're interested in being exclusive. But to be honest, I'd wait a little while longer on that unless she brings it up first. You don't want to rush things. It's only been a month.


thats whats on my mind.. is it too early to ask this kinda question as we've only been seeing each other less then month right now


@ Fudgie: yes sex

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