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Just putting this on here, so I don't have to call her.


I still miss you. I'll never stop. Despite starting to feel better, You'll always have a piece of me. I took a lot and didn't give enough. I'm so incredibly sorry for the pain i caused you, you have no idea. For better or worse I enjoyed all of my time with you. I think about the past, the moment we met, the first times we shared. The future we would've had. Christmas at my parents, the gift you wanted, waking up next to while you were still asleep. Moving to Vermont, enjoying the country. You were right to let me go, I don't blame you. I wish you'd call so bad, i know you won't, and that kills me. 9 years together and we can't even say a word. I don't consider suicide, but i wonder if you'd even miss me. I'ma fraid of being with you. I'm not scared of someone else caring for me like you did, I'm scared of not caring for someone else as much as i cared about you.

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