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he tells everyone but me that he loves them :/


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me and my ex have been off and on since jan 2010. well like a week or so ago we had a disagreement and just kinda stopped seeing each other. and it had been a week or so. then there was a tragedy in his family. his daughter's mother passed away unexpectadly. and even though they were divorced they were best friends. and she was a friend of mine as well. i saw it online and called to ask about her and she wasn't doing good and was airlifted to another hospital so i asked if i could go and he said yeah to meet him to go. and i stayed with him and his family at the hospital that night. she died the next day and i stayed there with him and came back with him and was just there the whole past week with them. he told me he was glad i was there and thanks for being there for him and it helped a lot. we even stayed over at her fiance's house so he didn't have to stay alone and me and my ex slept in the same bed just like we were still together. we even "got together" again. he would come pick me up and take me to the viewing and the funeral. and he had family come in from out of town i never met. and i got to meet all of them. people were all acting like we were still a couple. when people would ask if we were together or how long he would just ay on and off. he was more sweet towards me at first but then as the days went on he seemed back to his distant self. and even if we are not together we have always been friends. just like he is friends with lots of his ex's. but one thing i noticed that bothered me was how he would tell all his other friends and family that he loved them. but he never said it to me during this time. i don;t mean in a romantic way but as a friend and someone you care about. he would tell all these other friends he loved them. but never we.. i thought he at least cared about me as a friend too. i had wrote him a couple of messages on fb and told him i was there if he needed me and he could call me or text me and that i would be there and told him that i hoped we could be friends for life and i said love you on them. he would write back and thank me for being there and stuff but never would write it back to me. but if other friends left him comments and such saying they loved him he would say he loved them too. i care about and do love him as a friend as well as more. but it seems that he don't even love me as a friend if he isn't saying that right? i mean he gives me hugs bye and stuff but he never hugs me like his other friends and tells me he loves me like he does them. should i just find someone else? and does this mean he don't even love me as a friend either or anything anymore? should i continue to be there for him and be his friend.

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I find that sometimes the people who are closest to us are the ones we take the most for granted...which it seems he's doing with you. Sometimes when some doesn't say they love you (but they show it) it's a stronger sentiment than having to validate it with words. But I understand that it's always nice to hear every once in awhile.


Based on the nature of the relationship are you sure you're just not confused yourself?


PS. Dont make walls of text!

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no well he used to tell me when we were together and all. but even just as a friend it would be nice to know he cared for me as a friend as well. and i mean he's different with everyone else too. like he can talk and joke with them a lot but with me he is more quiet or just turns the radio up. i mean we talk some but i can just tell it's different.

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