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I'm Sad Tonight


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I'm in a tough spot and it's really starting to affect my mood. I was telling my brother tonight about how my mom's talking about getting serious with her boyfriend and how he treats me, he immediately said Power of Attorney. I didn't fully understand what that entails but after reading about it I think it's a good idea for me to get this done, especially since it can only be done when you're stable and not incapacitated.


He also told me a few things to say to him, but my mom really holds the upper hand and her expectations of me are higher now that he's in the picture. She gives me a list of chores to do before she leaves for work, and well it's like she expects me to do everything around the house to keep it nice, whereas before I handled one part and she handled another part now it's the whole house (and it's a large house).


I've tried to contact section 8 but they're closed until 2014. I need a job so I can afford to rent a place on my own, and I'm trying but not even getting an interview. I get phone screens, think I did well and never hear from them again. My car is breaking down, the check engine light is on and it's driving rough, I had to pay insurance so I don't have money for repairs. I'm really in a bad place right now and I don't know what to do. I was hoping I would get in a major car accident and die on the way home but that didn't happen. I'm just so sad.

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And what would you do with Power of Attorney? Get control of your mother's estate?

Won't happen with your mental history, sorry. Have control of your own estate? Good idea, but do you have an estate? Keep your mother's bf from taking over everything? That will happen only if your mother agrees to it. You need to take

ANY kind of job and rent a room if you have to. The good jobs can come later. You may not have much time.

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OMG!!! NO!!! Get your bad self out of there! Maybe you could stay with your brother or a friend? In all my days of single motherhood, I never brought a man in to live with us! That is just never a good idea unless you live alone or you are getting married to him and he's a great guy! I don't know what to tell you except...move out if he moves in!

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He's not moving in yet but she mentioned possibly marrying him and that has me freaking out. He works during the week all over the midwest so we only see him on the weekend but this week she is acting different and it worries me a lot. I am trying to get out of here, without letting her know I am. Just having a bad day emotionally.

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