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G.I.G.S? Could it BE any clearer? Or am I wrong?


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Here's something he just wrote:


The biggest thing is realising that I don't want to be bound to one place. I want to travel.

And the realisation that by being a part of a long-term relationship I was missing out on something. I never had that wild and free period that you and most other people did. I think it was the belief that it could be still possible. Possibly as a result of the extra confidence generated by this new job, people, in particular women, have responded differently to me. Or maybe I'm imagining it. Maybe I'm deluding myself. This seems even to me to be a fairly childish, immature reason to offer as to why we ended, but I want to be totally honest.



Onward and upward.

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Yes, it does sound like he has GIGS. I know how you must feel because my first love did this to me. It turned into a bunch of back and forth and I kept taking him back. This went on for 7 years! While I partly understand wanting to know what else is out there and experience new things and grow, it also means that he looked at you and thought there was something better out there. That really hurts. I say move on.

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Wow - I suppose it is Gigs but that doesn't make it any easier for you, does it? At least your ex knows his reason is immature, because personally, I think it is too. I don't know if this quote will make you any better- but I read it and I really identified with it - "The cause of most of man's unhappiness is sacrificing what he wants most for what he wants now." Hinckley

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