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He does not remember its my Birthday


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I had a great time over the weekend celebrating my Birthday with my close friends and well ...my husband.My husband wished me a happy Birthday,but he did not asked me out or do something together,insteadd he bought a new dining room suite because his mom asked him so.....and my guy friend did not wish me a Happy Birthday....i doubt he remembers it,even we met 4 years a go on my birthday and spent it together ...it sucks he does not remember my birthday ,but i do remember his and allways send him a greeting or so .....dont friends are suposse to remember your birthday and at lest text ?

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I don't remember birthdays.


Then again, I'm one of those people that thinks birthdays are nothing more than a day (never understood people's fascination with them outside of maybe turning the drinking age). Everyone's different.


I'm with you on this. I prefer people to not call me on my birthday.

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I have a close friend. We've been friends for 8 years. His birthday is 5 days before mine. 5 DAYS! He never remembers. Once he called me three weeks early to wish me a happy birthday. You'd think he would at least remember that my birthday is after his.


I stopped going out of my way to make his day special since he doesn't do anything for mine. Some people just don't believe in birthdays. Those people need a reminder that you do. I remember saying to another friend in an argument, "And you didn't even remember my birthday!" And he went, "Really? I didn't. Tell it to me now and I'll put it on my calendar." He didn't realize it was important to me. Now his calendar reminds him to send me a text.

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