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The Canvas Project

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Hello everyone in the healing section!


I have found a way for myself to help me heal better and I'd like to share it with you guys. To encourage to try the same thing and see if it helps...


I call it The Canvas Project!


It pretty much speaks for itself but I will go ahead and explain it anyway, step by step:


1.Take a canvas ( a big or a small one, whatever size you like)


2. All the words you'd like to say to your ex, the memories, the lessons you've learned, the anger, the love, the quotes that help you. Write it down on the canvas!


3. If you'd like to express yourself with paintings, you can do that too! Or combine the two. Even better, use whatever you like ( photographs, pieces of a magazine, you can make a collage


4. Everytime you are done, you put a scarf around it. To close it off. Because that is exactly what you must try to do in your mind too. Put a scarf around the subject ( your ex) and just let it be for a while.


5. When you feel the urge to continue, you just take off the scarf and when you're finished for the moment, put it back on.


6. If you are totally done with it, and then I really mean you have put down EVERYTHING you wanted. Everything that came to mind. You have just emptied your mind by putting it all out of it onto the canvas. Paint it over!


7. You can for example paint a closed door over it. Or you just make it blanc again. Or you paint a butterfly. Something that is symbolic for closure for you. I painted something very abstract over it and for me it resembles a wave. A big wave that washes over my all the emotions and memories and just washes it clean again.


( I will put a picture of this on this thread if you guys want to see it)


I hope I have inspired someone out here to do the same. It has helped me alot , if it didn't I would be here making this thread





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