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Here's to all the people that try to improve...


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Following article might help you in so many ways so I'm gonna share it with you. What Brian Kim talks about is true, I was able to assign new meaning to events of my past and it definitely changed my feelings today, in fact right this very moment. It literally fired me from being stuck on some girl to state of where I don't worry about her any more.


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You can comment and elaborate, I'd be happy to hear your experience.

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Yes, I agree with that and it is something I realised a couple of years ago I think..Our perception can really define our reality and the more we can see problems as opportunities to grow the freer we become as people.

Another important thing I realised was how detrimental our attachment to things or even people can be. I used to fear changes and hold on to things but now I really know that there is always another job, another 'favorite meal' (I used to have the same breakfast for 10 years), another person who understands, another hobby that I enjoy etc. And that to me is personal growth, to keep evolving and introducing new things to my life. Or to see the old things from a new point of view.

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Thanks for sharing this He2Him.. I definitely agree on the main thought of this blog: Take 100% responsibility of your life. There's also a book like this written by Jack Canfield, and I highly recommend this to those who like to understand more about life.


There was this line that really caught my attention in this blog.. "you can change the past to change your future and do so accordingly"....


I always believe that no one is rich enough to buy back and change their past but we can do something in present to have a better future... Sounds easy.. But in reality, we can never ignore or forget our pasts easily and no matter how we try, there will always be a point in our life that past experiences affects our present..


I guess the Brian Kim gave us the best way on how we can deal with our past experiences. We may not totally forget and change every single event in our life, but we can always change the way we see things that had happened. Change its meaning the way you wanted it to affect your present.. This is the most important takeaways in this blog..

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