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She gets bored with being single

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My ex and I split up 2 months ago. I was heartbroken but it was a mutual decision. Tonight I found out that she has a new boyfriend, I actually saw them kissing/cuddling on a couch together. It was really sucked to see but it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. She's only 19 but she's already had a lot of relationships none that lasted over 9 months. Before me she had at least 4 or 5 boyfriends, including myself and this new guy that would put it up around 6 or 7 relationships.


I realize that being in a lot of relationships isn't a bad thing but in the past she has said that she gets bored with being single. We made our relationship official 6 days after we first took interest in each other. The new guy she is with she has known for less than 3 weeks.


I'm really just trying to figure out what this means psychologically for her. Throughout the relationship she made me feel amazing, like there was no other guy in the world. But finding this out makes me feel like I was nothing special, she just got bored with being single and then there I was, which is kind of depressing.


Thanks for reading

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If she gets bored being single, then she has nothing going on in her life. Which would make sense, if she uses people as accessories. Or like they're disposable, because to her, they ARE. She feels they add to her because she has nothing going on inside. Or at all.


These type of people, who feel unhappy being alone, are very sad. You dodged a bullet. A tough bullet. Can you see yourself married to someone who sees you as disposable, for instance? I wouldnt want to.


Hopefully, you'll find someone who sees you as an actual person rather than a means to an end, for their good time.

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