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Too much?


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I went out with a girl on Monday night, the date ended pretty early, but I had a good time.


I texted her afterwards and said "I had a good time, we should do this again sometime


She didn't respond and cancelled her study session that a couple of people in our class were putting together, because she said she hadn't studied alone yet.


My question is: does it sound like I freaked her out or something? I don't think I came on too strong, but I'm aware my definition is a bit different that others from what little experience I have.

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It could have been a little early, maybe next time wait until the next day. However, if she was really into you, I think she would have been happy to get the text right after. Maybe she didn't enjoy the date quite as much as you did? I wouldn't write her off completely though, you definitely don't have it in the bag, but maybe she's undecided about you and really is busy studying.

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When I was still dating , I almost always texted after and said basically the same thing. One text, that's it. No one was ever bothered by it, in my experience.


Nice to know I'm not the only one that does this.


That's all it was, one text a couple hours after the date. But my last relationship ended because I came on too strong, I wanted to make sure I break myself of that habit.

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So she never responded to the text? The text wouldn't be the issue - totally normal of you to do that. Maybe it was something that happened during the date? Did you guys click at all?


Nope, she never responded. I thought it went okay, but apparently she didn't, though whenever we see each other, mostly in class, we get along really well. This is like my fourth or fifth date ever, so I'm not the best person to judge this lol. From what I can tell, she doesn't use text as a form of communication very often, so maybe she didn't think she needed to respond. It could have been something that h

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