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Dumpers: do you agree with this statement?


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I read this in another thread and wanted to see if dumpers agree with what this poster wrote:


"two outcomes normally happen when you break up with someone. 1. You feel relief and you`re life gets better without the other person or 2. You feel relief and your life becomes better, but then after some time you realize that breaking up is not what you really wanted"


I think this is something we tell ourselves to make us (the dumpee) feel better. I know when my ex-bf broke up with me, he asked what happens if he meets someone else. I told him that 1. he'll love her more than he ever loved me or 2. he's going to realize that I'm actually the love of his life. I think this is just a natural defense mechanism dumpees use when their hearts are broken. They hope/wish the dumpers realize their mistake and come crawling back. Some do and some don't. Every situation is different and is dependent on the individual's personality and the circumstances of the breakup.

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I don't necessarily think that relief is all they feel. They may be relieved and know things are for the best but they will also feel sadness and confusion. I think you just have to accept what the person is telling you and try to move on. As for him asking what happens if he meets someone else? If you cut all contact, which you should do to move on, then you won't know if/when he meets someone else.

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