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Seeking Cloture on McDonald's Tomorrow


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Last week, when I went on a business trip to Boston, I joined a lady friend (I'll call her Jenny) for drinks at a club. I have worked with her for 8 years now and she is a great friend. Unfortunately, having one too many drinks led me to have poor judgment that night. She asked me if I was seeing anyone, and then I blabbed about the entire thing about that girl I've had the crush on. Jenny's set me up on dates with several of her female friends throughout the years. So anyhow, after telling the whole story she started getting all excited about the drama and saying "Oh my God! Oh my God! This is so great!" And then she's been bringing it up to me ever since.


Jenny is very polished and professional when talking in front of customers. The problem is that the rest of the time, she has the maturity of a 13 year old. So this morning she came in my office to ask about my recent McDonald's update. I told her half jokingly that I was planning to start eating lunch at Burger King from now on. So she said something like "ohhh.. You got turned down?" And I told her about the entire thing about what the employee said her dad not letting her on the dates, and reminded her of the language barrier and so on.


Well, she started getting mad and saying "No! You cannot get me excited about this and then tell me you are walking away because of something some guy wiping tables told you! She didn't even say no! I will NOT let you walk away just like this." She then started telling me all the reasons why I should go back. Her reasons to go back were pretty compelling, stuff like "regret is the most lingering of emotions" or "you only live once, what do you have to lose?". I argued with her for awhile, but you know how it is arguing with a woman.


Since she's a friend, and her job performance is always good, she gets away with a lot of things. So then all day long she's been calling me asking if I've gone to McDonald's yet. When I don't answer the phone because I see her number on caller ID she leaves a message anyhow. She's emailed me McDonald's logos, even left a Happy Meal box on my keyboard at lunch time. Just a half hour ago she texted me a picture of a McDonald's mascot. I know her good enough to know she's not going to leave me alone about this.


So, what the heck. One more trip to that place, and then I guess I can know for sure how it works out and then just move on with my life.


I guess this'll come down to just a few sentences whatever I say through her friends.


Any final words of advice?

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Just be yourself!!! You're story is so sweet and compelling. You seem like such a great guy and even if the McDonald's girl doesn't work out...I hope you find someone who can appreciate the good guy you seem to be....Good luck and just go for it! You've come all this way...You may as well see it to the end. Good luck!!

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Wow, maybe when all of this is done (no matter the outcome) you should go to HR about this "Jenny" o_O


*sigh* perhaps she is just a passionate creature!


Ok - to your question..... If it were me - I would be honest, but I would keep it simple, think short and sweet. "I think you are very beautiful (or attractive....as a woman I love being told I'm beautiful. . .but - be honest.) and "I'd love to get to know you better. Would you like to have lunch with me?" (or "would you like to go for ice cream?" "Coffee")


Asking her using the word 'date' or asking her for dinner, might be too much, IF the information about her parents is true.


Also, if for any reason, she does say no, or is not interested, etc., then it is also easier to save face (if you care about that. . . )if it's "only" a lunch, or ice cream, etc.


My 2 cents.....no matter what happens I wish you the best!

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