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HELP!!! i'm so attracted with my female coworker with involving male boss!!!

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this is just a bit long but please do help me out. i need an advice. let me start it this way, am married. a coworker of mine is really getting in my head. i don't know if she's gay or not, but the way she acts, yes. i've seen her before i worked with her and she was so flirty with me, am not sure if i flirted back as am not even sure if am bisexual too. i know i get attracted with men and women (since i was a kid), but i hate to claim as a bi. i like gay people. as a matter of fact, i have many friends like them. however, i can't just be a bi or gay for so many complicated reasons. well anyways, am confuse about my coworker, i simply don't understand what is going on with her:


1. she acts flirty (am not sure if was flirting back) around me the first time on my job. looks at me straight in the eye, always smiles and laughs at my not funny jokes and helps me out on my work. but lately then she changed.

2. she's cold at me.

3. tries to avoid me or something...

4. when i talk to a guy/s she's instantly on my side trying to help me on my work. i don't know but it seems to me she's just pretending and instead listens to my conversation with them. she tries to take away their attention from me. i know am just friendly and nice because we are dealing with customers on our job. i mean no malice there.

5. now the flow changes again. the other day, we were working together, and most of time she was on MY SIDE trying to help me done my work. i couldn't figure her out because she have some things to do too. anyways, most of the time we were just standing there doing nothing. whenever i start a conversation she just gives me a short answer like she's not interested. but why oh why would she stand there beside me. as in just standing there not talking. then shortly after i still kept on making a converstation with her, until we talked about how old she is (she's 18 and i'm 22) and how illegal it is to have a relationship with an underage person. then i asked if she have a boyfriend, and said no. she asked me back if i have one and i said nope, am married. and she was so startled and surprised and said "oh do you?!" i said back yeah i am. she asked why is my husband not coming to work with me sometime and that she haven't seen him yet. i said yeah he stops by here sometimes. and that was it, she turned to be nice to me again. seems to me that she realize she needs to back off because am married?


about my male boss....

1. he tries to flirt at me. which i don't care, all i do is just be nice to him because he is so nice to me.

2. he calls me/texts me, which i make replies whenever i needed to. work related only.

3. sits with me during my lunch or break times, sometimes.

4. he's well-known to be a womanizer.

5. there's a rumor that he have an affair with another coworker of ours.

6. tries to buy me lunch.

7. gives me more hours at work.

8. i feel like our coworkers are watching at us carefully (i know am not doing anything wrong. am positive).

9. am not interested at him and i love my husband. he's the only man in my life and i don't think i would still be attracted to another man other than my husband.

10. how can i stop him from doing so?


i don't wanna ruin my marriage, but i just can't help being attracted to the same sex. and right now i really like this femal coworker of mine. how can i stop these feelings...

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About your boss, his actions are totally inappropriate but if you don't mind I guess you could take advantage of the extra hours and stuff. The danger in that can be bad blood between you and your co-workers because you are getting preferential treatment.

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