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He still texts after break up?


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So my boyfriend broke up with me. He's been going through a lot lately and isn't working. He said the relationship didn't feel right anymore so we called it quits. He said if he feels on top again and wanting a girlfriend, I"m the first and only on the list.

NOW - he's still texting me every once in a while. He texted me a couple days after the break up to see if I was ok. A week later he texted me just asking how's it goin? I responded asked how he was. He responded. Said he felt like a zombie. I replied I"m sorry. I know how tough that is.

I think that's the end of the conversation.

I feel like he just wants someone to talk to but that was the end of the conversation. And as happy as I am to hear from him, to know I"m still on his mind...I'm confused. He asked me to back off. I have. Now he's texting me. Not much, mind you, but still texting on occasion.

Guys - what's up with that?

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