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Paranoid about work colleagues - in time of cuts

Lady D

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Hi all


I am a temp in a government department, the only one - they are making cuts where I work and restructuring and everybody knows it, some people will need to go and permanent staff will be interviewed for their own jobs, my friends think the managers are after our jobs and I am starting to feel paranoid around them, they keep on talking about me being "stitched up" and "shafted", like the managers are out to get me sacked


Now today I took minutes for a meeting, I told the truth in the minutes and I didn't cut anything out - what I wrote cast managers in a good light though it was the truth and now these friends seem annoyed - but I'm out to keep my job and make my managers happy not them, I don't even know if I can trust them anymore


Anyone else encountered this sort of thing? Thanks

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