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It all started when my friend asked me to stand up in her wedding. Her soon to be husband has lived all over the country and the groomsmen were flying in from all over the place. Since I didn't know any of them I thought it would be nice to start with a casual e-mail introducing myself so the wedding party would be some what acquainted before the big day. One groomsmen in particular sent back regular messages and before I knew it we had consistent e-mail communication for about 3 months leading up to the wedding. We are both single and at one point he did offer up his phone number. Being the chicken I am I never called.


The wedding came and at first it was really kinda of awkward, I think we were both so excited to meet that we maybe put too much pressure on the relationship. With the help of the wedding party and a few good friends we finally started to really hit it off. He is my direct opposite and a personality style that I never would have considered. But by he end of the wedding night he was referring to me as his girlfriend and we both had a great time. The hotel over booked and since I had my own room he stayed in my room the night of the wedding. Sunday morning we got up early and ended up going for a morning walk for about an hour waiting for everyone else to wake up. It was great. He flew out that afternoon. Since we both don't kiss and tell once we were with everyone else we kept any pda out of it. He gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the neck before boarding the plane and that was it. He was gone.


The problem is I think both of us are shy, plus our drastic personality differences I think kind of threw both of us off at first. Looking back to the messages even before we met no on has ever made me smile or think about life in the same way. He left a great impression. The thing is.....where do we go from here? I sent him a short message the day after he flew out just asking if he had a safe trip and telling him that he wasn't what I had expected but that was a good thing and I had an amazing weekend with him. I was hoping this would be a subtle enough of a hint to get a response. The wedding party and friends have both said that from individual comments the two of us made about each other that we both liked each other. I feel so grade school. He's spontaneous and I'm very organized/scheduled (a little too much even for myself at times). I don't want to scare him off, if anything I'd like to keep him as a great friend.


So in the end what do I do? Do I wait for his response and maybe give him a quick call to chat...just see were that takes us? Or is it best to come right out and say I'm interested and if so what am I even interested in and how do we start a long distance relationship?

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Thanks for the reply offplanet, it really helped to subdue the suspense of waiting


Anyhow, late last night I got a call and we talked for about an hour and a half. We didn't get into relationship specifics but I think its too early for that anyhow. At this point I'm just happy to continue communication and know there is mutual interest/attraction.....we will have to see where it takes us.


Thanks again!

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