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Broken Heart


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Borken Heart






I was in a relationship for 6 years, friends for 3 year before that. We were living together for 1 year. My partner then went into hospital and decided he needed space and that he couldn't committ to me. This came out of the blue and I thought we were happy and never thought I would be with anyone else. He was also my best friend. I feel so alone and think about him all the time. It has been 2/3 months since we split up and I want to start feeling like I can move on. The break up was ok, we didn't fall out and still wave to each other when we pass (we live very near each other). I thought this man would be the father of my children and my husband, he has now decided he has things to do before he settles down.


I am completely heart broken and miss him so much, we got along so well, this was a surprise for me. I even had to take anti-depressanst to help me. I am trying to get my life back on track but I'm finding it a daily struggle even though people around me would think I am ok.

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Still a lot of time of grieving ahead of you.

Especially when this was all out of the blue and the relationsihip was good from your point of view.


Infact it could even make getting over a partner worse when there was not reason for the break up.


Sometimes we do need anti-depressants to releive us from the hurt we may feel in the early day to carry oin with the daily grind.


The people around you do not see what emotional wounds you have on the inside so unless you open up to them pouring your heart out with tears running they are not going to see you taking the break up hard.


Hold tight because it's going to be a roller coaster ride for a while.

But be assured you will eventually level out.

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