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Heart Broken


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Broken Heart



I was in a relationship for 6 years, friends for 3 year before that. We were living together for 1 year. My partner then went into hospital and decided he needed space and that he couldn't committ to me. This came out of the blue and I thought we were happy and never thought I would be with anyone else. He was also my best friend. I feel so alone and think about him all the time. It has been 2/3 months since we split up and I want to start feeling like I can move on. The break up was ok, we didn't fall out and still wave to each other when we pass (we live very near each other). I thought this man would be the father of my children and my husband, he has now decided he has things to do before he settles down.


I am completely heart broken and miss him so much, we got along so well, this was a surprise for me. I even had to take anti-depressanst to help me. I am trying to get my life back on track but I'm finding it a daily struggle even though people around me would think I am ok.

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