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I Left My Wife For My Ex-Wife


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my friend left her boyfriend for her exboyfriend


he moved to Dubai and worked there for 5 years,before that he broke up with her in a bad way so they didnt have any contact in 5 years...when he got back home he called her,one thing led to another and they are back now,she left the guy she was with


another woman that i know left her husband for an ex ,she was married to the guy 6 years!




on average i see more women leave their long term partners for other men,i guess men are more likely to cheat and keep them both

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My ex-boyfriend left me for his ex-girlfriend. They had originally dated for I think around 6-8ish months. She broke up with him. They were broken up for almost two years before he left me for her. We dated for 13 months. She had been trying to get him back the entire time during our relationship although she hadn't talked to him at all before we started dating. Anyways, they're back together, and I know he at least is thrilled.

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