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Such an amazing lady!


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This girl is awesome!


Seriously, I've never dated anyone like her before, and I just feel so happy, excited, and to some extent relieved to have found someone like her. We get along on so many different levels, and dating this girl is like nothing I've ever experienced. We met through a mutual friend, started hanging out, and then we started dating. It's been 2 weeks so far and I feel like if I told my friends this they'd probably call me a fag, and if I tell her this girl all this emotion I'm feeling, I'll probably scare her off. So instead I will express myself semi-anonymously online (hopefully she isn't a member on here).


We've been on 2 dates so far, she's met my friends, I've met her friends, everyone seems to get along. She has a very dry sense of humor, she likes to push ppl's buttons, take things a lil far the way I do, which means that I don't need to use the filters that I usually use with other people. We spent our entire first date crackin up on how corny the movie was, of course the night ended with a passionate kiss when I walked her to her door. She usually texts me @ work and before goin to bed. It could just be the honeymoon stage, but right now I'm enjoyin the ride.


We're takin things slow, we've kissed, a lot, but nothing really beyond that. She spent the night @ my house because she wanted to cuddle, which put me off a little bit, but can't hate on her for havin a lil respect for herself. I guess most of the girls I've met have been the opposite and that''s why I was thrown off a lil bit. But all in all I haven't felt this excited since I was a kid in high school, I'm lovin it! Just when I had given up hope, chance brought the 2 of us 2gether. Maybe my experience can be a glimmer of hope for all of you out there gettin chewed up and spit out by the savage dating world of today!

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Im happy for you, def am, ..I don't want to rain on your parade.....but...




Be careful with the cuddling and making out intensely, you don't want her to place you in friends zone. Id at least try teasing her a little on her earlobes, neck...maybe placeing my hand on her breast, rub her thighs..... Just my personal opinion, becuase everytime ive done that to a guy before, its been lame for me, id get bored and move on quickly.....


Just feel her out first, of course before rushing into too much, Im not saying to have sex with her, but def work on building up tension in her pleasure zones ...


Good luck!! =)

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ShudderL Originally Posted by delicous



Be careful with the cuddling and making out intensely, you don't want her to place you in friends zone.

since when do girls makeout with guys in the friendzone? you got to introduce me to these women because those are some awesome friends to have


I think I may have used the wrong choice of words, I meant the girl is may place him is the "safe zone." Not necessarily, friend zone because friends usualy don't make out with eachother lol. But I, myself would be turned off by a man who doesn't work his way up to the kissing first, by kissing other body parts...i don't know, maybe its just me, but I know lots of girls who would agree with me on this...Others may dis-agree...but take it with a grain of salt...

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So we're still goin strong but takin it slow, delicious, I'm definitely not friend zoned, but then also she's firm on taking things slow, I can grab a boob and kiss her neck, and that's cool, but wandering hands below the waist is not cool, but even so I know she still liked it. As of right now it's me and her, we're dating, not boyfriend and girlfriend, but enjoyin ourselves just the same w/o the label so I really don't feel the need to push the subject. It's weird for me, takin things slow like this, but it really is a breath of fresh air, and a little bit exciting. The hard part for me is trying to keep a level head throughout all of it. I'm falling for her, but I don't want to scare her away.

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