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Want to be exclusive but for reasons I can't get her to understand


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So basically I'm a born again dater. I really have no idea how this works anymore. I've been seeing this lady for 1 month now. A very short period of time I'm aware. We've been on numerous dates, slept together, and even introduced each other to our parents (not intentional but just by chance each time based on our plans for the day). We both have toddlers who we've spent time with the last week or so.


Anyways, I want to date exclusively. We both have expressed that we "care" for one another. We've both been burned in the past and have expressed that we're not wanting anything serious. But at the same time I have no interest in "seeing" someone else until this plays out. I don't have that mindset to play the field at any given time. Once I've locked on I keep focused until the ride is over. She expresses that it scares her when I talk about it because she insists she doesn't want me to have feeling for her. Besides what I stated above I don't. No now at least. I just want it to be where it's me and her right now and we see what happens.

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It is tough but not in the sense that you describe. I have all the time in the world. It's tough I think because the more I think about it the more insecure I get. I don't want to move forward per say outside of exclusivity. I want to just keep doing the things we're doing at the pace we are. It makes sense in my head, not so much when trying to express it.

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