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Meeting the ex. Thoughts and opinions?


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So I was going to meet my ex tomorrow. I called her just a few minutes ago if she'd still be willing to meet me, but unfortunately she can't make it due to a job interview. She tried telling me but I haven't been online lately and she deleted my number from her phone so she couldn't call me either.


Anyways, I wished her all the best with the interview tomorrow, and asked if she wanted to meet me some other day. She agreed and even said that she was looking forward to it. She now has my number again and will contact me soon for a new arrangement. Also, she asked if there wasn't another girl I was interested in. I told her there wasn't, and that I'm not even thinking about dating or a new relationship at this point. I'm just focussing on myself.


After a few minutes I ended the phone call. I really hope she was sincere about everything she said to me and I'm really hoping she'll text me somewhere this week.


What do you guys make of this conversation? I haven't spoken to her in 1.5 months and this was the second time we actually had a phone call after the breakup. Is it okay to think it can still work out?



- A.

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To me it definitely looks like she still has feelings for you and if that is the truth, then yes, of course it can still work out. I don't know what your reasons are for breaking up, but if two people are meant for each other it WILL happen no matter what, it may take a while, and it will need work from you and her but it can happen. If she is asking you if you were interested in any one else, that obviously means she isn't over you. So of course things can work out just take it slow, day by day! good luck!

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