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Rots, Pitts, and other scary dogs, and girls who love them.


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I'm a female in my early 20's and I have 3 pits and a german shepherd... They are sweet loving dogs and there is nothing wrong with them at all. I have nieces and nephews and the play with them all the time, in fact once my cousin came over swimming and my oldest pit bull jumped in the water after him because he stayed under water longer than normal. My pits and shepherd are nothing more than lap dogs. My oldest, which I have had since I was 13 sleeps in my bed at night. I like theses breeds becausse they are both highly affectionate dogs, shepherds are highly intelligent and easy to train, they are loyal, they are both active and have so much personaliy, and would give thier life for the owners. My best friend is also a female in her early 20's and has a rot, pit, husky, and a lab. She loves hers for the same reason I love mine. 9 times out of 10 if you raise them correctly the dogs will be good dogs. I've had chiauas try to attack me so the size of the dog in no way affects the temperment and it really annoys me that people think it does.

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Every dog is different. The one thing you have to understand is that they're like people, and in time they'll be happy you're there too.


I've heard the worse dogs, tempermentally, are in all actuality the Dalmation. There are instances where these dogs have simply turned on their owners - which can happen with any dog, but these, well, who knows...


Lot's of girls around here have pitbulls now. It's normal. So too are the guys who have pitbulls, and train them to be aggressive. You have to be careful giving away dogs for free around here now because the trainers will take them as "bait dogs," for training purposes.


I'd almost say let the a-holes have rooster fighting just so long as they keep their hands off the dogs...

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The only reason they are "scary" is because they are very intelligent and strong animals that are frequently used for fighting and with the police. Any dog is capable of being aggressive and just as easily can be sweet and loving. I've had a pit and a shepherd and both were super sweet. The shepherd was police trained and was a great guard dog. She was there the day I was taken home from the hospital after being born and never laid a tooth on me. I like pit bulls because they are super sweet, have great personalities, and are really cute. Mine was also an abused rescue, and never had any problems. The real problem is the owner!

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I believe in most cases it is up to the owner.

Sure some dog are harder to control than others based on their nature.

I have had a Blue Merle/Bull Terrier when I was about 9 and that dog was a complete handful to put it nicely.

No matter what I did, it deemed itself to be the dominant.


After that I had a Long Haired border Collie which was the most gentle and smart dog I had ever met.

Unfortunately the vet killed my dog by giving him the wrong medication for his diabetes.

Still miss that dog even though it has been years since his passing.


I remember there was a huge Mastiff where I used to live when I was younger.

I used to skate board past it and it would bark at me which was quite intimidating as there was no fence to stop it from biting me if it wanted to.

After many times of hearing this giant dog barking at me I decided to get off my skateboard and yelled shut up at it.

It's aggressive expression and bark immediately changed to silence and a sad look in it's face for being scalded.

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