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What to do when girlfriend is an attention seeker?


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We broke up 2 times before this. Like I said, there's a guy who has been pursuing her for a LONG time. Right after the 2nd break up, she briefly dated the guy. During that time, I didn't know she was dating again but one time I saw her and the guy together randomly on the road. The guy even kissed her while walking. Anyway, I pretended I didn't see anything and moved on. Some time later, I asked her if she had gotten a new boyfriend after we broke up and she told me no. When I asked who she was walking with on that day when I saw them, she said it was her uncle. I knew this was a lie but I didn't question her further.


Some time later, we developed feelings again and before we got together, I asked her again if she dated anyone during the break up period. She said no.


We reconciled. But I still didn't believe it was her uncle. Last night when we broke up, I asked her, "Why did your uncle kiss you?" Her reply was, "Huh...?" (Tip: remember what you lie about so they don't catch you off guard)


She then admitted that, "The guy is a friend. He likes me, and I like him."


it's good that you broke up before she completely damages your self-confidence and self-assurance and the ability to trust. she agreed to break up, it really means she doesnt care/love you


Yes. I asked her last night whether she would want to fix us. She basically replied along the lines of, "I can't be bothered to fix us because I don't love you anymore."




Oh and guess what? Since the breakup last night, my girlfriend has gone all friendly with the guy again. She is allll over his facebook, "liking" the statuses he writes about her. I wish I could get an ego-boost like that lol.

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