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Radio Silence - Bit of Advice Appreciated


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Evening all,


I'm not sure if there's an answer to this, I think it's one of them where I just need to get it off my chest.


I've been exchanging messages with a lovely young lady that I met a week ago on a well-known dating site.

I've dated online once before, and though it didn't work out after the first date, it felt more special than any

date I've had with a girl met "in the real world" even the ones that worked out better, so roughly a year later I've decided to have another shot.

I'm a decent guy and yep, could date girls I meet out and about, but I like internet dating because it gives me more options for my taste - I'm white, been told I look quite thuggish and come from a town that's basically BNP all round. Despite what people claim, I've found many times that these points DO cause difficulties for me, and that people do judge books by the cover and the shop they're sold in. Did I mention I'm only attracted to black women? lol, I feel like headbutting the wall!

So yeah, internet dating at least lets me get myself accross.


This girl I met last week is great and we seemed to connect really well. Whatever I've said seems to go down a treat

and we were back and forth every day. I don't say anything other than be myself and try to give her an idea of my personality and she says things like "as I read that, it makes me melt" and "I ran to the computer, please let him reply please please!", which I find mad but I'm seriously chuffed to be making such an impact let me tell you! Last I heard from her was she'd read my message, liked what I said a lot (nothing saucy, no bragging, just getting-to-know kinda stuff) and would sit down

later that day to write one to do justice to what's on her mind. That was 3 days ago. Annoyingly, this site shows how many hours ago a person's last login was, which I swear is a feature designed to make things worse in my head! She was on there today and I've checked my email countless times.


I feel a right fool fretting over what's basically 4 days contact then 3 of radio silence, but wanted some other folks opinion - do you reckon that's it?


I didn't push for house, intimate or bank details so I'm sure I didn't frighten her away, I've re-read everything I've said and there's nothing on there that'd leave a bad note, so I'm confused.


All this over someone I met so briefly, but honestly it's happened before and I couldn't care less... it's just this one seemed amazing so it's got me gutted - I guess I'm just confused what I did wrong.


Is 3 days a long time? Could she be busy? Of course she could, but reading other peoples questions around net-dating, the concensus seems to be that anyone should make time to write a bloody email.


ah well, thanks for any advice I really do appreciate it.



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Maybe she felt the intensity coming from you and may have decided to slow it down a bit. My advice to you, is to send her a quick hi and if she does not respond to that, then back totally off. If you both had a connection, she would remember it and reach out to you again.


I know that it sucks when someone cease contact suddenly, but any kind of pressure from you will just send them running further for the hills.


Try and be patient and continue to date in the meantime.

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