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Hi I'm a new member but I've read posts on here before.. This past week I had a really confusing conversation with this girl I've been sort of dating.. i say sort of because in July we kind of took a break where we didn't break up but agreed to date other people.. Our relationship never progressed to the serious level though it was about to right before July.

So for the summer we were just texting and hardley hanging out. Things definetly had cooled off. Then once we were back to work in this month things had seemed to be picking up again. We were flirting and she was giving me a lot of non-verbal signs like always touching me when we talked and she started initiating most of the contact. Last week she came out to my house cause I was throwing a pary and she came extra early.. The whole time it felt like things were escalaing.. We were holding eachother and bantering and just having a great time. This week she was all about spending time with me when I made myself available with plenty of flriting. It really felt to me like we were falling in love again.

The thursday I get a bomb dropped in my lap.. She told me she met someone.. She then stressed its not a relationship.. So i said ok well we had this discussion already so does he know about me she said yes.. She then said she just wanted to be honest and that she felt things with her and I were going really well.. better then they were before.. So i said so how does this make you feel about us. not that i'm telling you to make a choice right now and she said she didn't know.."this was an improvement from last time when she had said she thought i may have been in her friendszone" So thats it but I'm confused as hell because if she isn't in a relationship why tell me.. especially if she thinks things are going well with us.. Any thoughts?

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