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When to be vulnerable?


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Hello all, I have a question, especially for the women, but welcome all answers (although I have a strong feeling I know what the men will say). I met again and we've been seeing each other for about 2 weeks. The other night some unresolved issue from a past relationship came up and she asked me about it (the issue was insecurity and being "weak" as my ex put it), I didn't tell her about it at first but she kept asking me about it. So I told her what it was, what happened in the relationship, and how I felt about it. She informed that it made her really happy that I trusted her to share that sort of thing and she didn't think of me as weak for sharing it. However, I fear this moment of insecurity may lower her interest level.


So here is my question: Should I have told her about this or played her off like it was nothing? It came on so strong and quick, she knew something was wrong and I didn't have time to recover. When is a good time to start opening up? Or should I open about that at all with someone I'm interested in?

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