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facebook and other social sites

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Dear all, I have just been reading in some threads about how facebook and other social sites sets one back. I think its only human to have curiostity about someone we have been close to and shared a life and/or relationship with. But I agree that it really sets one back. On friday night, I implemented NC to my ex. Its been three months with LC and the contact becoming less and less frequent. I am strong enough now to completely break contact of every kind. Since we are still in contact about the exchanging of things, I sent one last email. In it I made an amend, told her it took two of us and I did not feel entirely responsible, shared my thoughts and feelings about NOT becoming friends in the future AND told her that I was deleting her from facebook. I told her that I wasnt doing it because I hated her, but so I could move on! I then asked her to delete my daughters and friends ( yes, she loses her family- that is what a break up is) so we could move on privately and separately.


I did this because it is in my best interest. I feel free now, and I highly recommend deleting. NC is NC and breaking all the ties is what is setting me free.

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Hey there


I agree with this, I deactivated my Facebook because the early days were horrible, I was seeing posts about him from mutual friends, and I was so raw it was killing me to see a picture of him drunk and other friends mentioning him.


I'm now in LC after 19 days of NC, and am hoping for reconciliation maybe in the future, and our feelings are similar so maybe it's on the cards. Anyway, I have reactivated, I know nothing will upset me that I see on there. I don't mind seeing that he's enjoying his life (or pretending to!). It's fine now. But deactivating was definitely a good idea for that time. I need to get on with my life and staying in touch with other people is what I need to do.

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I agree. NC means NC. Whilst I had deleted my ex from facebook, it is very tempting to look at her blog out of curiosity. But I am refraining myself from doing so and proper NC is the best way to go.


I am glad you made the decision and it will definitely be better in future

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I didnt want to delete my facebook because I have two daughters with children. One of my daughters lives in another State and I really want to see pictures and videos of my Grandaughters since I only get to see them once a year! Also, lots of my friends are spread out over the world. Its my only contact with them. I have privacy controls very tightly set on Facebook.


I am doing OK today, but its been a rollercoaster and I am ready for the ride to end and to find that peace within myself. I dont believe in ex's becoming friends. I have lots of friends. I am not settling for crumbs either, I want the whole loaf

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