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Sharing goals in relationship


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Just wondering how many of you set goals and actually sharing goals with your partner in a relationship? If you do, at what stage of the relationship do you start to share your goals and what frequency do you guys sit down to discuss how things are progressing? Have you found sharing of goals (relationship or other life goals) helpful in building a happier/closer relationship?



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I am currently in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable person. I love her and know that the feelings are there in return but she is just not being open about them or making me feel special to her.


I don't need her to bolster me, but it's a nice thing in a relationship, but the way she shuts down actually causes my self esteem. So, what I did was to write a set of goals and am starting to complete them. This is making me feel good about myself. She found out about them and that I haven't told her and wants to know about them. I'm resistant to share as these are things that are helping me feel good about myself and I feel opening up to her will lose this affect.


Generally it's a good thing to be on the same page and it does bring the couple together if they have a shared vision and goals, but in my case I'm scared to.

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