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Telling if a guy is bi/gay


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So this all started when i met this guy at camp. Summer 2011. South Florida Im 13..There is this guy named Justin...same age and my problem is that i started to form an attraction towards this guy. I woud say i am bi because i do find women hot but the same with men too..if that makes sense? And my attraction sort of started because i was getting a vibe that this guy liked me too. Maybe he was just zuper friendly? He was the one that broke me away from my boring group of girls to his guy friends. And i started to hang out with them. I saw a true life episode where a guy was sexually frustrated and i told that to our group of friends the next day. All of them questioned my sexuality and of course i said no i just thought it was interesting..but justin didnt. When we talk..one on one..he leaves almost no space between us..Not that anyone is complaining And we both keep lot of eye-contact. And jokingly i was like lets get married and i know it sounds gay as fusk over this but it wasnt in reality..you know whiat i mean? And he was like oh yeah lets do it! And i later tried to think of any of my other guy friends that would agree to do that sort of joke and none of them would..And one significant time was when i was sitting talking ot my buddies and he was standing to the side. And he kept inching closer and i started to notice right up to no exaggeraiton his crotch was pressing into my knee and believe me we both noticed...except neither of us pulled away..i felt like if he was acctracted.. he was making all the moves so i wanted to make one...so i did the same exact thing..i left no space when we talked and my pressed my crotch up against his knee when he was sitting looking at a book i dont know if he noticed or not but my crotch was definitley on his knee x] Please can you make out if he is attracted to me or how i should go about figuring if he is bi? I think i am really into him. Thanks..

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Try this very long thread and see if there's anything helpful there:


Your age will also factor in, just because most guys and girls your age are just starting to dip into the idea of flirtation and attraction - so there may be times it'll just be plain hard to tell what's lack of interest and what's lack of experience!

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