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So, to keep hoping or let it go?


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My boyfriend broke up with me this past week. He said he isn't happy with his life, he's not working, and he's "gonna fix it damn it" It was a cordial break up, and while it's really hard and it hurts, I'm doing better than I have in past break ups. I havn't really accepted that it's completely over yet and I think that's why I haven't totally broke down. I know everyone says it when they break up but I just knwo we're right together and good for each other.

He said "If he feels on top again and wants a girlfriend, I'm the first and only on the list."

Then he texted me 2 days after we broke up to see how I was holding up. I texted back that I was manaaging and thanks for asking. THat's all. NC otherwise.

So, questions is: does it ever happen? Might a guy come back once he gets on his feet? Am I just crazy for thinking he might? THey say if you love someone to let them go, if they come back they were always yours and if they don't they never word. I guess I don't know how to move on without totally giving up hope...any suggestions? Similar stories?

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Sometimes people need time on their own to sort things out...its human and you should give him some time. Dont put him under a time-preassure. Make the time-limit for yourself and stay NC for that period. If nothing happends within that period of time start working on moving on. If its true love I think its worth showing generosity through accepting that we`re not perfect and some things can`t be fixed by others than yourself. But don`t wait too long...you have a life to life also!

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