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Meeting new friends


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I am having trouble finding and keeping females friends. I had been building friendships with 2 gals at work, but as a supervisor it can be difficult to maintain friendships at work. The 3 of us had been going out together and this evening I found out (via facebook) that they're going out tomorrow night and didn't invite me. It stings a little.


I just don't know where/how to meet friends. I go to zumba 3 times a week, but haven't met anyone to hang out with or anything like that.


I have a client (I work with children with disabilities) whose mom seems fun and I've been tempted to ask her about hanging out...


Any ideas?

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It can be tough as a supervisor because you don't know if coworkers WANT to hang out with you or just feel compelled to because you're the boss. Where are your girlfriends going tonight? There might be a logical reason they didn't invite you, or maybe they are longer friends and you are the newbie to the group?


Do you kind of live your work even after work is over? I ask because I am a workaholic at this point in my life and I have found myself boring people at times because I talk about work too much and it is really only interesting to me. Maybe that could be putting people off? I'm kinda blessed though, because my work involves sales and all of my customers are wild party animals so...that's kind of good and bad.


But I do think asking your client's mom to hang out is a good idea. Don't feel like it would weird her out bc I'm sure it wouldn't. It is always a pleasant surprise to be asked to hang out by someone you are acquainted with. Has happened to me and I feel good knowing someone finds me interesting enough to hang out with. Conversely, I have asked acquaintances to hang out and usually goes very well. Go for it.

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