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Where to I go from here w/ situation? Should I txt my mom on how I feel?


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I've just recently posted about my mom choosing to cheat on her husband. Knowing that she has hurt pretty much her family which the choices that she's made. I am really not wanting anything to do with her and I don't think that with what she chose to do I want apart of my life. Though she is my mom it's just really hard to be around someone who thinks that they didn't do anything wrong.


I will be supportive of my step-dad and sibilings but, I can't support my mom w/ anything. I know this might be a bit harsh...It what I am honestly feeling. I recently got a call from her the other night while I was on a walk w/ my bf. She did leave a voicemail saying 'Give me a call when you get this. Talk to you later.' I didn't call her back and she ended call about 30 mins later as I was coming going back home from the store. I answered it and which it wasn't anything important. She acted like there wasn't anything going on or at least acknowledged the situation. I wasn't to happy w/ her and kinda made it known.


I wanted to say something so bad but, I just shut down and didn't say what I felt about what happened. I am now wishing I did and a bit disappointed. There is going to be a garage sale next weekend and before I knew what happened. I txted her about it and that I have something's to get rid. Now knowing what I know...I really don't want to go.


I want to just send her txt letting her know that I won't be going and tell her what I feel. But, I am not sure if that is the best thing to do or if it is then what to say?! Just hurt and disppointed in someone that can't admit their wrong doing. There is trust and respect gone in our relationship...I don't know where to go from here?

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Well, no not exactly...my other sibiling's know about the situation. He said to me at the end of the conversation is that 'I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen. Your mom hasn't fully admitted what she did wrong. I'll get back to you in a few days.'


I haven't gotten call back so I am left without knowing what has changed or even where they are at. I am also stuck wondering if I should call to see how thing's are going with him and kinda follow up. But, at the sametime I want to give them space.


But, I honestly don't want any contact with her for awhile or even if ever. I am not hurt by what she did but, also with how she has cause so much strain prior. I am sure that there is going to be some sort of conversation on this...I try to do so on many occasions and just shut down.

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