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dating and working out of town


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I'm just interested in everyone's opinion on this. I just started a new job where I spend every other week working out of the city (7 days on site, 7 days off back at home). I was talking with some of my new co-workers and one of them thinks that our work schedule makes it difficult to date/start dating someone new. I personally don't think it's a big deal - there's email, texting, phone calls, and when I'm not working I have the flexibility to work with her schedule to meet up. It's not ideal and not easy, but I wouldn't consider a huge problem.


What are you thoughts on this?

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I guess it would depend on the distance and the level of relationship two people are looking for. It's a hard question to answer without really dissecting the situation between two people you know


I totally agree. For some it would be a big deal, for other's, not so much. I don't think it's a huge impediment though, if you're just asking for general opinions on whether this is really bad for your love life. I can see it becoming MORE of a problem if you get serious with someone. It's easy to hold off a date for a few days, but once you're getting serious you'll want to be together more.

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