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Ok, I thought yesterday was going to be bad, today flat out sucks.


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yeh it is ok to miss him...i think a part of me is always gonna miss him we did share some great times.


i hate that feeling too...he did put a lot of effort into the relationship...he did the best he cud, we both did...i feel sad for him...i hate that he lives alone, i hate that he has to get into a bed that we shared...i know he missed me as much as i miss him and that hurts me too...i feel helpless bcos there is nothing i can do for him...i suppose i am helping him by keeping away...i just hope he looks into wat went wrong with us and grows from this too.


aaaw thanks dig...i've not figured out the PM thing yet either but i will try and let u know...the same applies to u...u can get in touch anytime u need some support and encouragement


thats my thoughts exactly...i wud hate to lose touch and always wonder where everyones lives have taken them, the wonderful strong ppl they have become

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