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Nervous, please help


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In about 2 hours, I'm meeting a guy I met on a dating website.


We've been talking for about 2 weeks pretty much every day on this site. He also has my phone number and we've text messaged a few times.


I am really nervous, we're meeting in a public place and I have told a good friend where I'm going and who with.


I have met a couple of men off the internet before and nothing has gone wrong, so I'm hoping today goes well.


I have a question, I am starting to like him, I don't want to appear desperate or anything but I want him to know I like him (and not in a sexual way either).... any ideas? I'm not the sort of girl to just jump on a man! And I don't want to either!

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Don't think of it as a first date so much as a chance to meet someone you already know you can talk to. Wear something that makes you feel confident and good about yourself - you'll be fine


thanks, that seems a good idea actually!


i don't know if i should be worried however. we haven't spoken since wednesday, as he had to work yesterday. we had arranged to meet today on wednesday and as he's driving here, i gave him a place to meet and we kind of agreed a time. the thing is, i haven't heard from him since that conversation so i'm wondering if he's even going to be there! i'm assuming he will be, as he's been pretty good communicating with me, and we arranged to meet a few days before but he had to cancel due to his work. oh well, i'm only about 10 minutes drive from the place we're supposed to be meeting, so if he doesn't show then not much is lost.

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Well it didn't last long, he was who he said he was and everything but I don't know if we had that attraction or spark.


What I find upsetting is the fact I made an effort with what I wore etc...I chose something nice but not too over the top, and he just wore a dirty tshirt with some jeans that looked like they had not seen a washing machine...I feel as if I made an effort for nothing. The annoying thing is he kept repeating over and over that I shouldn't have made an effort with what I wore.....


I was expecting a walk and some lunch but as soon as we got chatting he mentioned he couldn't do either and just took me for a coffee!!!!! A quick coffee, then a "sorry i have to go" and kissed me on the cheek and left!!!


I am NOT a demanding person at all, but I was expecting so much more than that. Especially after we had lots of long chats online.


It's not as if I've lied about how I look....I sent him some photos the other day of myself which were taken on that day and they were not edited....he said I was a hottie!!!


I guess he wasn't interested in me and now he's gone?!

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When I meet someone, depending on the time/situation, I will explain, "hey this is just a meet and greet 20min to say hi and I will not be dresses great" Sometimes spur of the moment things come up depending where we both live. Now if its a date and someone I seem to really like then hits time to hit the shower and get CLEAN NICE clothes

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