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Seems like this girl is interested ...


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So... at my office there is a girl who works in the cafeteria (she is one of the su-chefs or something) and for the last few days I have been exchanging casual hellos, smiles and quick chats about job/food etc. It is typically from accross the counter so not a very private conversation (I would have stayed and chatted if say it was at a bus stop but in the office cafeteria it is tough with other people around / behind). So anyways, I have noticed she has been telling me (herself) about what is cooked today and asked me to try it etc... I feel a good vibe in our conversation and she smiles a lot when we talk (I do too but that's just me )

Should I ask her out? Coffee perhaps? I want to. If I do, how do I do it among other people in the cafeteria?

I of course want to avoid any awkward situations because I gotta go eat there everyday

Any tips? Experiences like this?

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Seems like that would be tough with so much busyness going around. Is there a chance you could catch her while she isn't working behind the counter?



Not the best method but, if you can add her on Facebook. Then you could ask her out through that (which worked for me in a similar busy type situation).

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Hi all,

Thanks for your tips. I considered these but wanted to have the conversation with her for a couple more days to feel comfortable. so for the last few days, we have been chatting each day for about 5 minutes while she makes some dish for me (if there is not a lot of people around of course). Today, it was pretty empty so while she was frying something, she started asking what my plans for the week are then talked about how much she has to drive each day for her job etc etc. Then she asked me my name so we exchanged introductions/names I feel pretty comfortable chatting with her and she has a lovely smile and enthusiasm. She also told me she won't be working this weekend and doesn't have any special plan.

So, I considered giving her a note with my number (which I had ready ) or catching up on her way out of the building in the evening. I tried the later and she left with a couple of her girlfriends and seemed in hurry. So I didn't stop her.

I will see how tomorrow goes. I will prefer to ask in person (thinking about dinner/coffee Friday evening) but I will feel out hte situation in the lunch time and if no one is around will give her a note.

My concern is the note can be awkward if she doesn't call because I will go to lunch again the next day there. Asking in person seems to be the best way but it is difficult to catch her along in a private space and don't want her to be in an awkward situation with her co-workers being around (especially if speaking to customers is a strict no - no. I mean flirting).

Any suggestions guys and gals?

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If you give her a note or your card you have to be 100% ready to be at her mercy. If she doesn't call it will put you in an trick bag. What if she doesn't call and you see her the next time a lunch? Will you bring it up or let it go? If you don't bring it up and your friendly conversations with you continue you feel like she's sending you mixed signals.


If I were you I'd ask in person. That will give you some clues on if she's interested in dating you or just interesting in flirting with you.

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So, yesterday I had an opportunity to talk to her in person and after chatting for some time, I asked her to go out for dinner over the weekend. She said she has a boyfriend but she would be cool going as a friend. And then she gave me her number. It was a bit awkward but I kept it cool - when she said 'so see you... this weekend then?'.




How should I handle it now? As I have to go for lunch their everyday and don't want it to be awkward.... Gosh I really thought she was flirting with me

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