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My dad says he would gladly take the dog while I'm in school. He has a dog of the opposite sex so he is hoping they get along because he wanted a friend for his dog anyways. His dog is aggressive and possessive I'm not sure that work. That is 3 months away to finding out! He's in a one bedroom apartment (too small for 2 dogs?) and I would feel bad adding to his load another dog! I'm worried because he may "corrupt" my dog. The dog he currently has will NOT eat dog food, only people food. He thinks his dog will learn from mine to eat dog food, lol. Who knows! I think its the other way around! His dog is about 5 years (relaxed) and mines almost 1 year and still a hyper crazy monkey!


I don't know what I should do. I would feel bad dumping another dog on him while I'm at university for 2 years! But part of my degree involves field studies and field trips. Gone days-a week at a time!


I also feel like I'm limited and don't have any freedom to do much of anything with a dog. I'm so conflicted.


I feel like a horrible person if I just adopted him out to a stranger because I don't know anyone here to hand him to who wants a pup. Craigslist people just want to resell dogs for profit more than half the time. My dad is like no don't give him away.


(don't even get me started on if you didn't want a dog etc because he was a gift! Bad gift, dogs aren't presents don't do that to anyone! Especially a college student!)


It's horrible how I'm so back and forth on keeping the dog!


I also don't know if he is just saying that because I been stressing out over this and freaking out about it so much! I just feel like such a bad person for this!

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Ah, didn't know you were just heading out, thought maybe it was time to head back and you'd know a few folks there.


Dogs are like toddlers who don't understand what you say most of the time - affectionate, but destructive and well, a HUGE responsibility. I can imagine in your position it would be very frustrating, especially since you didn't really choose the responsibility, just kinda had it handed to you.


Not sure what your day to day situation is - but if you or anyone (friends, family) work somewhere that has a bulletin board, you could always try that - at least you'd know the person wasn't just Joe Public off the street.


If you do consider your dad out of necessity - do you guys live close enough for the dogs to meet prior to you needing to leave?

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My dad is coming to visit in this state with his dog to see how they interact. He is hoping they do because he was really in search of a companion for his dog. He just wanted the same breed, lol. Both small dogs though. He isn't home for about 12 hours a day so that is why he figured putting them together and I can concentrate a bit more in school. He was a bit or quite annoyed when he heard someone had given me a dog. We live about 1500ish miles apart!

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