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just starting to DEAL WITH THINGS


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I'm really not sure what to say, since I'm not sure if you're saying you suffered abuse 35 years ago, for 35 years, or what the situation is?


Best bet might be a support group/counseling in your area, where you can find others who have been in your shoes, who have travelled the same road you'll be walking down and can give you ideas and ways to start coping with what you've been through.

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Hey There Evelyne65!


It's going to be difficult dealing with something so traumatic after such a long period of time, but better late than never.

You should probably find a good therapist to guide you through delving into your past.


You'll probably just start off by talking about it. You could even start by typing about it on this forum. Or you could write in a journal. You just have to get it all out somehow, usually writing or typing is the quickest and easiest way.


Recovering from such things can be a difficult and long process. Sometimes when you talk about it the unpleasant feelings comes.


At first you may not want to talk about it, then you may not be able to stop, and back and forth it goes.


Just take your time, there is really no way to know the proper steps to take in a recovery process. You just kind of blindly fall from one place to the next. Eventually things get better.


You'll have to deal with all of the shame, etc.


The person or people who abused you, are they still around? If so, that will likely be something you face in recovery.

etc. etc.


I think the best thing to do is talk through everything. Sometimes you just can't keep it inside.


Best of luck to you through your recovery. It's a painful journey, but totally worth it.

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Hi Evelyn,


If you have a trusted friend, confide in him or her... With me, I had to have my boyfriend push me into directions that I was not comfortable with.

Yes, you need someone who is gentle with you, but the thing is, we've built up such a strong wall, we need help to break it down, and PUSH you to explore the terrible things you've locked away for a very long time. But yes, read the posts, make friends here and share what you can.


Writing down some things and talking aloud will help you understandings things you didn't even think were possible.



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