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My little hamster, Tootsie, has just died.


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She hadn't come out all evening. I called her and opened her cage - this normally ensures an enthusiastic furball raring to come out to play - but nothing. She had died, it appeared peacefully in her sleep. I've felt very depressed all day, but reflecting that she had lived out her expected life span, was healthy and active right up to the very last and that this was all par for the course. I had to have my previous hamster put to sleep as he had a condition which was causing him really terrible distress, and it was an awful experience. Really terrible. But this time I couldn't really have asked for a better way for her to pass on.


I've lived alone since 1991, so pets have been important to me for a long time, though I've been careful to choose ones which would fit in with my lifestyle, e.g. not suffering through being left alone all day. I'm moving in with my partner shortly and right now I'm really not sure whether I want to get another hamster and go through this again in 2 - 3 years time. Just feeling very weary.


I've been so appreciative, though, that nobody, nobody at all, has said "Oh, but it's just a hamster". People can be so kind, including some quite unexpected ones.

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That's sweet of you, Flyingpiglet!


My partner would be fine whatever I decided; he'd be thinking more of a pet to be shared with his eight year old daughter. Yes, I agree totally that pets are part of the family.


In fact, in extreme examples, I'm convinced that they prevent some people from committing suicide.

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Believe me... My dog is my saviour

When my last ex 'dumped' me... The first thing I said is 'WHERE'S BRUNO' lol


Perhaps talk to your partners daughter and see what she would like (unless she is likely to say 'PONY' or something else unrealistic)!


Something you can get together and share would be a fantastic bonding tool for you all

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Oh hunny, I'm so sorry xxx


I'd be lost without my cats. When my old one died the last thing I wanted to do was replace her but after a few months I realised that my home needed a cat or two...! They're not replacements but their own personalities and spoiled rotten. My bf can't wait until we all move in together, think he loves them more than he loves me


I've heard that rats are probably the best pet children can have, really friendly and intelligent despite their bad and false reputation. Just if you were thinking of something small again?


Loves xxx

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I think you should explore the world of reptiles.


have you considered a turtle/tortoise? I think you should look into a leopard tortoise or a box turtle. They are as gentle as hamsters, relatively easy to care for (just provide the right enviornment, lighting, etc) and has a lifespan more than most humans, lol.


They may not be cuddly pets like guinea pigs, rabbits or hamsters, but they are quiet, clean and hardy pets. You really should look into it. I am a reptile geek and own two snakes. if taken care of properly they will live until I'm around 50, even near 60 years old

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I've heard that rats are probably the best pet children can have, really friendly and intelligent despite their bad and false reputation. Just if you were thinking of something small again?

I've actually broached this with my fella in the past - it was a resounding "NO!" Although I've never had rats, everyone I know who has, has said that they're wonderful. A breeder who used to board one of my previous hamsters explained to me that they bond with their owners in the same way that they would with another rat, and that it's more like having a very small dog. (Though he did say that if he had to go out for the evening, he could swear he saw the rat's whiskers droop in disappointment, and he'd spend the entire evening feeling guilty!)


My partner's daughter is only with him one night during the week, and every other weekend, so I'd be taking this into account.


MyNinja - I have explored the world of reptiles! My late father was absolutely nuts about all sorts of animals, and we grew up in a household which included not just cats, dogs, rabbits, budgies, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice - but snakes, lizards, a terrapin, a tortoise, toads and various other amphibians. In the UK I don't think you can buy tortoises any more, though I do know people who've had them for years.


Thanks very much for the kind comments everybody!

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Aww I am sorry about your little cutie passed on. I know it hurts. Hugs. One of our piggies died a few months ago we still miss him and his play mate does too. I have ALWAYS had pets since I was small. I had a hamster but can not have more because my son is allergic to them. Strange with all the allergy testing he has had he is severely allergic to hamsters but not other animals.

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