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From the internet to real life - didnt work =(


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I do not mean to pry but what do you mean by things "got physical" with him on Day 1. Did you sleep with him? If so, then disregard everything he said. He was only after sex and then wanted to find an excuse to disappear. This way, he dumps the blame on you. He is a complete jerk!


Exactly... he got what he wanted, which was sex, and you were just a victim. I'm sorry that this happened to you and hopefully in the future, you can have better success finding someone that loves you... offline.

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He got to have sex with you and used your looks as an excuse. If he was not at all attracted to you, he would not have had sex with you. He does not want a relationship with you and instead of admitting it, he chose to attack your looks, which I am sure are not as bad as he made it sound. You sound very attractive, actually.

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