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Initiated NC but ex keeps bugging me.

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Let me give you a little background since the breakup, after we broke up I went into immediate NC, no phone calls texts or facebook messages. He initiated contact 2 weeks after the breakup wished me a happy birthday through text message I did not reply after that he had a huge personal issue and called me because he “didn’t know who else to call” at 3am….I picked up and assured him that everything was going to be alright. After the conversation I immediately told him that I was not his emotional crutch and he should give me my space. A few days went by I went to a club with my friends I spent most of the time ignoring him since he was there and I saw him a few times, we made eye contact maybe twice but I resigned to pretend he was not there. He then danced and kissed somebody in front of me staring at me the entire time. I acted nonchalantly and pretended nothing was wrong, until I went to grab another drink, his friends immediately said hello to someone from my group since they knew each other and told them that they were “taking care of him so that he would not run into me and didn’t say hello earlier because I was there” I thought it was a bit excessive on their part since I considered his friends my mutual acquaintances. After that moment, he wrote on my facebook wall trying to “catch up” with me about my birthday, I ignored it since I just felt like not replying I felt a tad bit annoyed by him at this point. 3 days later he texted me “howdy, im pretty sure I fbed you the other day and no response” I responded 4 hours later that I was busy and had not time to respond and he replied with “hmm ok” the conversation ended there. A week after NC he texted me again trying to see how I was doing I replied very short and kept it to the point, closed with no open end for response. Why is he continuing to communicate with me when I made it clear that I want my space and no contact. I really am hurt from the relationship and I have no desire to speak with him I have told him that numerous times. Why is he performing this behavior to attract my attention when I give him absolutely no response or respond because im trying to be polite.

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