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IS there any chance or should I move on? I need help.


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OK let me start of by saying I am new here and hi to all. Me and my fiancee just broke up Saturday 9/17/2011.We have been together for a year and 3 months, and we have taken a one week break from each other once before, all her idea and it actually worked we became closer like we had just started dating again. We started arguing a lot about 2 months ago and she mad me mad so i didn't answer phone calls or text for about 3 days. then she started saying I was lieing to her when I wasn't. So I was going to apologize to her and take her out for her birthday the day after because she had to work the day of. Well she knew about it and that day i told her i was going to pick her up at around 2, then she says that she doesn't want me too that she just want it to be her and family. Then the next day I get a text message saying she is done with me and it is over between us but she told my mom that she was sorry that she wasn't going to be a part of our family and that she will always love me. now it is five days after and she has a new boyfriend. Everyone is telling me that it is just a rebound relationship and it wont last long. So my question is should I just see if it is a rebound relationship or should I just forget about her and move on? I am still deeply in love with her by the way. Could she still love me or has she forgot about me an moved on?

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So, what do you think you did wrong? Was she maybe expecting you to drop off a surprise something on the day of her birthday? Did you at least contact her on her B day to wish her a happy one? I don't see why she was so upset, or chose this time to break up, unless this 5 day later Charlie was the reason for everything sliding downhill recently. If she's with someone else, especially 5 days later, you're better off without her. Do you really want to be with someone who doesn't talk about problems and bolts when...well, you don't know what caused this, do you? Leave her to her drama. Life's too short.


PS, if she does want to come back to you in a few weeks or months, make her crawl. Set some boundaries and stick to them so this crap doesn't happen again.

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Thanks oldenoughtoknow and yes I did call her on her birthday and wish her a happy one. The only thing I can think I did wrong was not talk to her about what was going on in my head and what I was thinking about. And when she would talk to me about things like what I was doing wrong and if I didn't like what she was saying I would get kinda mad. I mean I spoiled that girl I would get her presents for no apparent reason or I would bye here anything she wanted. Like the surprise dinner I was going to take her to was at Texas de Brazil which you have to have reservations a month ahead and it is $65.00 a person and I had to take my mom instead of what I thought to be my fiancee.

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Your Mom was probably thrilled wasn't she?

Talk to her. Ask her about Dad, men and boys. Listen very closely!


PS, Take your Mom out again. Ask one question then listen. When you think she’s done talking… don’t talk! Nod your head and keep looking at her. She will continue.


You’ll find the answers to most of your questions about your fiancée right accross the table.



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