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Okaaay, so I've been dating this guy for about a month. He is really nice, fun and caring but lately I'm feeling as if he doesn't care for me at times and sometimes he is the biggest jerk and just makes me feel so bad about myself. On the other hand there is this guy who is a couple years older than me who likes me a lot. He is super nice to me and would do anything to make me happy. I have no idea what I should do so can anyone help?


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Think of it this way. What if the guy who's really nice to you turns about to be a jerk as well??


Talk to your boyfriend about this issue now while the relationship is still fresh. If he's already treating you badly I suggest you let him know you are aware of this behavior and that you will not live with it. Explain to him that there are others out there that will treat you nicely and if he wants to be with you he should act like it, otherwise what's the point of staying?


If you let people treat you any kind of way, they will.

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I was in a similar situation where the guy that I was dating and local was very inconsiderate. I started talking to a guy who was long distance (10 hr drive) and he was everything I wanted in a person whom I've known for 3 years. I pondered over do I stay with guy 1 because he's local and wanted to give him a shot or do I go for guy 2 because he's everything I wanted but is long distance.


I'm marrying guy 2 in 10 days.

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