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Gauging interest + Second Date

Mystery Enigma

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So, I messaged a woman on OkCupid only to find that I already knew about her. We went for a date after we both expressed mutual interest in our messages to each other. We went on a first date on Monday that started around 10 pm and went on until 2 am in the morning. We started off at a pub, took the bus to my place and drove (for the sake of talking more) to a coffee shop about 20 minutes away before dropping her off at her place. Our conversation was light, we both had fun from what it seemed and we never really had any awkward silences. We ended the night with a hug.


Yesterday I sent her a text thanking her for an awesome night which was reciprocated. We texted sporadically throughout the day but she seemed... disinterested? She owns her own business so I understand being busy but she makes her own hours. I understand that some people don't like texting so I'm not reading into this too much.


Does she still seem interested? Secondly, it's going to rain here and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a fun second date? I was thinking bowling, mini golf, etc. However, I'm open to more ideas.


Thank you in advance for all replies.

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Don't fret. She may be slightly disinterested, but don't let your insecurities get to you. If you are persistent yet respectful she may warm up to you. Women are not off on like men are, you have to work for it. Keep up the good feelings and the good times with confidence and there you have your best work ahead of you.

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Why so late for the date? It makes it seem like you were going for hook up sex. I think she's likely thinking about you, but don't cling. It could push her away. I'm not a texter, and I hate it when people pester me time and again.




Ah yes, I forgot to mention. I had class until 10 pm, told her that day wasn't very good for me but she said it was fine and we met up at a pub near the bus terminal. I never pushed for it. I wanted to do it earlier in the day on Wednesday (today).

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