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5 monts NC and EX reapers...advice


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Hi forum,its been 5 months since gf BU with me,during that period an uknkown girl friend me in fb,and the girl i was going out with

this girl ocassionaly asked me in fb if i have a gf,few weeks ago this girl and me started chatting all the time she asked me about my ex

was she beutifull,did i trully loved her,we talked about what we think about love,relationships-she asked all the questins I just answered

I thoud it was very weird she keeps asking me about my ex and how i felt about her-specialy since i havent heard or seen her in 3 monts+

This girl asked me about my number-i gave it and wanted her number too-she refused,so i wanted her skype,she refused again-I thoud that was dumb

She asked is this my real number and she can play dirty and ask my ex if thats the real number,I asked about her number and skype she refused to give both up,and wished me good night

As I was getting ready to go to bed my phone rings and its a hidden number-didnt pick up,In 30 mins rings again-didnt pick up,in more 30 mins it rings again and its still this hidden number

So i picked up asked who is it,but the person on the other side didnt say a word,so i asked a few more times and hung up.

Next eavning i get a sms from my ex asking me why unknown peaople ask her about my number-didnt reply to that,few hours later I get a sms again from her

telling me to unblock her from skype-didnt reply or unblock her.

Few days pass and my ex contacts in fb via a friend of hers account-asking the same stupid question,this time i replied something dumb,and she asked me to unblock

her from skype again-this is where i thoud to myself ,,man-up bro u still have feeling for her,but beeing an ass and refusing will make u look like u're still inlove

and still cant control yourself,sooner or later being just frinds was gonna happen,,...

So i unblocked her from skype,was friendly and brief with her,she told me she will be online in the eavning but I didnt log in anywhere that eavning

Next eavning i was a bit drunk,and logged in skype contacted me rigth away,and we started talking regular stuff,at one point she started talking about us again,asked me if i ever cheated on her

asked what i didt with the stuff she present me with,stuff liek that i answered cool and nonchalantly to all.At one point we started talking about horoscope signs

and she mentioned she is thinking about a man who is taurus (im scorpio).Amazingly this made me feel bad and it was getting late so i kinda wished her good night and log off.

Few days later im at work-I check my phone and i got 1 missed call from ex,few seconds later she called again and picked up.

It was ,,just wanted to hear how you are conversation,, but she didnt sound indifrent to me at all.When i told her i got a fly she was so worried and started calling me sweet names.

I told her i was getting a tat,and when i refused to tell her what will it be,she told me to tat her name on my ..... you know what funny girl huh!

She asked me about how my life was this 5 monts,asked me why i didnt log in skype last night I said i wasnt home and it was true We talked like 15 mins and i hung up.

Than 2 days i didnt log in skype or fb,on the 2nd day I had to log in on bussiness stuff and she cntacted me in fb right away asking what was i doing,said i was freakign out but in a jokely manor

She LOL and asked why-didnt say anything,she that asked in a jokely manor if the reason for my freking out was her she can stop contacting me

This got me stunned i thoud to myself-Ok so you want to hear me say i want you to contact me...BUT i cant just say it like that you need to try harder..

So i replied ,,whatever you what,, to ,,I can stop contacting you if you want,,

She said ok I wount contact you anymore and stopped,I hung arround in fb for liek 10 mins and logged off.This happened 3 hours ago.


What do you guys think about all those wird stuff 1st from unknown girl,than ex,if ex wants me whyd id she say something about a taurus man I dont get it.Help

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Thanks for fast replyes I think it was ex too...any word on our last chat,and what should i do?


Dont stand there take hits, hit the ball back, be non-chalant, tease her for the fact she likes taurus, show you that you are not affected by her game playing (or act like it convincingly), keep interaction short and end it on a high note first by saying you have to go because you are busy. Do what you need to do to build attraction.

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I really dont wanna know more about this taurus guy And I dont want her to think im into her becouse constantly in contact with her If she want me back I want her to fight hard,If she doesnt having her in fb and skp i think its enough.I dont know how to build atracion,but i know for sure i wount contact her first...

I wanted to hear opinions about her saing i wount contact you anymore..is it true

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I really dont wanna know more about this taurus guy And I dont want her to think im into her becouse constantly in contact with her If she want me back I want her to fight hard,If she doesnt having her in fb and skp i think its enough.I dont know how to build atracion,but i know for sure i wount contact her first...

I wanted to hear opinions about her saing i wount contact you anymore..is it true


Dude I have no idea what you are saying, can you clean that one up please?

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So she pm me again in fb we chat like 2 hrs and for 2 hrs she kept beeing mean said lots of stupid stuff which there is no point in sharing all the time i was nonchalant it was like she was trying to make me mad.She understands now that i dont care for her anymore(from this chat last night) and i wount chase her.At end she said she wanted to tell me those things ( all about what i said how i acted how i was jeliouc in our relationship) and that there is nothing more for us to say to each other and i can block her again-I said i wount block her,I dont care anymore and logged off now this morning i get up and she unfriend me from fb but not block.

any opinions...?

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here is the chat read it its interesting:


she becouse im special me funny is more like it

she why r u getting angry with me me slap u

she u can scare the little girls with that not me me how do i scare u,w8 dont say i remembered


she cant scare me,its not what u think me hoiw do u know what i think

she 4 months u havent strucked me,but now u can? me dont make me mad ill slap u ofc haha hey cmon i slapped u but not on the face


she: u havent slapped me u pushed me ill never forget those things

me: i see

she been so long but thats the only thing I remember and im mad at myself


she im happy I remember bcs i wount make the same mistakes again,its your faulth it sucked u didnt apretiate me

me do u want me to say to that

she i dont want u to say anithing I just wanted to tell u this things,u doint have anithing to say to me i know

me dont yea

she know

me get mad

she would i get mad-everybody makes mistakes


here is when she logged off for a bit and came back on few mins later


me did u go?

she here

me said u worent in fb

she here u know fb is my life u said it

me it?

she u thoud alot of stuff which warent true but u bellieve in em

me maybe im mean i know haha

she i dotn blame u for anything its my faulth

me hard to say who s faulth was it

she blame myself bcs i let many things to happen and i didnt have to

me the beggining it was your faulth,later u wore ok

she at the beggining it was only sex right?


she was much better than,than we wore a couple

me: me too

she but u didnt want only sex dont pretend

me w/e i wanted i got it and it will keep be this way

she ull meet someone who will make u go crazy

me still waiting for that someone u already met that someone right (referring to me)

she no

me preteeeend ill slap u

she: u wish

me wish too

she do but not with u

me dont want with u too

she to your wh0res

me of those

she as much as u like

me not as much as i like but....there is some

me wear those creazy hignheels?

she now but I wear another hignheels 12cm

me picture the sigth

she there is ppl which like seeing me in them

me not from those ppl

she know nobody has to look at me

me was in the past,now whoever want he can look at you and be with you

she i dotn want anithign serious for now,its not tham its me

me didnt learn how to talk to me why did u say for me not to dispear

she do i speak with u?how r u different from anybody else?I talk the way like to and if u dotn like it that your problem u didnt learn a lot of things too

me i dont like to be trown hints like that,and eversince we're not toghether i dotn have a problem

she know you dont your problem was me...i let u go no more problems for u

me ure one funny girl i mean...u let me go? did u let me fly away or something haha

she yea.I hope u havent forgotten that after all your attempts to breake up with me when ure super drunk at the end u saw what happened tolerance stops..and than....its over

me havent forgotten i learnd my lesson

she very good me tooIf u had a little respect for me we could've still be toghether

me i rly have no idea why r u sayng all this things to me

she i need to say it bcs u said that after some time ill remember only the good things from our relationship but its been 5 months and all i remember is the bad things i feel discusted from my self for letting u treat me this way

And that we gad to end it long before 11.05.10

me prob hate me

she i dont i told u i hate myself

me dotn hate u too even thoud i have what to hate u about

she what can u hate me about u know nobody runs from goodtimes

me we BU u started talking shut about me to random ppl u think i didnt find out or something? so childish

she whom?which ppl

me not 1 person

she it wasnt like i was preading it was in a conversation,and all i said was u wore incredibly jelious nothing more

me to think i didnt let any1 say a bad word about u in my presence,thats the diference between u and me

she bad thing did i do to u?

me acted so imature i coudnt start a serious conversation with u all we could do toghether was mess arround and laugh at stuff

she we just couldnt comunicate we're too diferent 60% of our relationship u wore grumpy at me for some stupid stuff,if i look some guy or if some1 pmed me in fb shut like that

me calculated it wow

she to me in facts give me exsamples

me it was very hard for me to not beeing able to share with u talk with u on stuff that i care about stuff that exsite me

she that all?

me not little for me

she is for me hahaha why did u start a relationship with me that u knew from the start i wa sliek that i go out regularly i wear hignheels u want me to stop wear hignheels when im in a relation with u

me not for a serious converation all u can do is overindolge and mess arround LOLing that all but im looking for serious conversation in a relationship as many others do

she couldnt with u i didnt know what to say bcs u can get grumpy and stay grumpy all day about some stupid shut hahaha

me we BU i remembered that at the beggining i tryed starting a serious conversation with u,to share something with u,u always turned the things into overidulge or sex,and as time passed i stopped trying and accepted u as that

she can only u coudnt blame yourself for that and what wore your conversations always the same shut how,, at the begging i didnt want relationship with u but now i do..why,, how i had wh0re atitude,how i kept lookign at guys shut like that

me wasnt talking about that,i mean other conversations

she after all that u wanted for us to live toghether,it cant happen we wore gonna kill each other

me wasnt

she wasnt gonna go out w/o u nobody had to look at me,i had to look at the groud at all times

me tell me how was it gonna be bcs it never happen so u dont how

she just who i am i admti i liek boys to look at me all girls do

me boys too haha

she was your problem u thoud some1 will steal me from u

me i wanted u to be only mine

she was only yours,what does some1 lookign at me have to do with us

me when i love i want all or none

she its normal for guys to look at me,dotn u look?this is obssesion


she admit wow,change becouse the other girl wount tolerate u long

me i know i dont want a cancer woman (ex is capricorn)

she i thoud scorpio-cancer is the best relation in zodiac

me out its not haha

she wish u get a scorpio girl everything u did to me she to do with u i wish so u see how it feels

me u definatly hate me

she im only beeing real,se how it feels to treat u like that

me i wish u meet some1 like u i wount let it happen

she b so sure nothing is sertant

me know me thats enough

she hate the strong some weekling,but uglyyyyy nobody to look at her but you

me looking for beuty inside more than beuty outside in girls

she with your taste of women idk how u found me atractive

me mor ei talk with u the more i find out u dont even know me for who i am and strangly that makes me feel good

she you know the saing ,,i know to much about u thats why i left you,,

me i dont from which pop song is it?

she not from a song

me ure saying it about me?

she the thing i learned wore enough for me to leave

me gr8 remember me that way i want u too

she will no matter u want it or not


she u remember me as a shallow,coldhearted,mean lady

me np

she u will trully be a kitty someone will tame u

me am a kitty but when i want it the other time im a tiger

she the other time you're a true scorpio male u will tell about this chat to your mom suster and friends i know it

me of them wants to hear about you,and its your childish behaviere that make it that way

she dotn care becouse i left u if u left me it was gonna be different

me left u but if u insist ill share with tham

she left me bcs i bought hignheels and 3 days after u came begging me to take u back dotn turn things arround.I coudnt care less if u told em whyd o u say i left u do u want me to refresh your memory how things went?i said its over for real

me your own memory i dotn care how things went yea and after we BU u didnt leave me alone and i said ,,game over for sure,,

she never wanted us to get back toghether after 11.05.10 omg,the same night i went to a night club,the night after too,i didnt giva a damn

she 11.05.10 i NEVER wanted for us to get back toghether i began a new life a better one


she i remember the day

me dont haha its good i have u 2 remind me

she broke up with u and thats final for once im on top

me notice your self-confidance is relay hign u think ill talk about u and sh*t

she r ppl that make it hign so it will be hign

me but im not one of tham so dont think crazy stuff

she sure u will share with those ppl.ure game over i dont count u anymore

me game over too nobody in my house cares what ure doing me too in that matter

she know that w/e u say doesnt matter to me

me piss me off why would u think such a thing,grow up u turned out to be so immature i feel bad about this

she and your very mature

me horible i thoud i grown up a bit

she not im only 20 how can grown ppl understand me only u cant

me idkidk

she dotn know anithing says im small hahaha

me ok ure big in size but small in brains haha

she why am i small in brains bcs i say the things how they wore,it doesnt suit u thats why u say it

me what doesnt suit me man?Im saying it bcs its been half an year since we BU and u still continue to bug me with the same shut as if we BU easterday and u act that way too,cmon get over it already damnnnnn

she u wish u wish

me i wanted it i know how to get it

she chance with me absolutly not i wount do this to myself again

me i want something i get it

she u want us to try just to see if i bite the hook (idk why she said that lol)

me what haha

she said that if u want to be with me u know how to get me lets make an experiment see if it works

me said IF i want something i get it

she wow your self-conchons if higner even than miine

me saying it from expirience

she cant play the game-u start good but later u show your horns and game over for u

me didnt get that

she sweettalk someone than it gets serious and u show your true nature and game over for u

me it wasnt like that with all my relationship haha

she w/e u say

me those things r not a game for me

she have to play the game be an actor,sometimes u just have to be a very good actor

me dotn need lessons from u

she the true

me i said i dotn need lessons from u why do u go on with it

she u felt bad

me is more is mor elike it

she u think about how good an actress i was?

me u an actress with me?

she matter its long gone now

me does for me I know its long gone so wore u?

she wasnt ill go to bed now

me 8 r u sure u worent?

she why should i w8?i get up early tomorow

me want u 2 tell me wore u an acress with me?and if not why did u mentioned it

she told u i wasnt ill go to bed now end of conversation good night sweet dreams

me say when it ends not u when u grow up u can write me again

she said all i wanted,ther eis nothing more 4 us to say to eachother,u can block me again

me i?

she can and and the end was put by me hahahahahahahahahahah

me off with u than

she lost


At this point i was going to block her but i stopped myself idk why she was still in fb and pm me fe wmins later


she im still not blocked ...my imature self

me wount block u i dont care anymore

she is u got angry it doesnt matter what was the reason now good nighttttttt

me with u

she this off with u is old nowdays

me is suits u perfectly hahaha old news like u

she ok ok good night goood night


At this point i logged off she was still on and this morning i noticed she unfriend me,so what do u guys think





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what about her why does she still try to hurt me why does she still reapear,why going to all the trouble just to hurt me.And do u think I showed i still have feelings.

I removed all the signs they wore like 200 so i dont think my answers showed im still mad...


Who knows what she is thinking? dont ever try to figure out what a girl is true thinking about, you can win a nobel prize if you do. My point is, you dragged on the conversation way way longer than necessary, your tone and reponse gives out the vibes that you are still have strong feeling for her and is affected by her words. That is not playing it cool, those response appears needy as they seek validation from her. Needy is not attractive

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So now i log in fb and i have a friend req. and its her.I ask her what do u want she says to be friends i ask why u unfriend me she said i got mad i say why she says im still not over u i ask what do u mean she says forget it i ask forget what she says this conversation i log in skype she is there i ask what do u mean she says she was joking....omg....

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