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What's the normal odor down there?


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This may seem a bit of a silly topic as it is hard to describe over a message, but what is the normal vaginal discharge odor?


If I am on oral anti-biotics for non-related reasons there is literally no smell or taste at all, nothing light or faint. Is this supposed to be the normal state? Or should I assume not since normal and unhealthy bacterias have all been wipped.


Or should there always be a light smell and taste? I assume any heavy and fishy is a BV infection which should be treated.

Is this correct?

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Everyone smells a bit different. I think STRONG smells (very noticible) or fishy/gross smells are abnormal.


I've heard of some girls who smell "sweet", others who smell a little "spicy" (think peppers). For me, I smell like bread dough. That's the only way I can describe it and past bfs have agreed.

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wish i smelled like beer, then my BF would be down there all the time LOL....i do have a sort of spicy smell and only after a long day....sometimes i see in the movies a couple who spend a whole day together and then they's have sex, well i'd like to freshen up a bit after a long day...and like him to do the same...

every woman smells different and tastes different...strong fishy smell calls for a doc's appointment, but time of month, intake of coffee or water and fruitjuice influences it, as well as washing with soap or using panty liners

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If you smell like beer you may have a yeast infection lol. I heard pineapple is good for guys don't know about girls and don't know if it works on either.


Pineapple definitely works for me. It's my fruit of choice for down there. Makes me taste better for sure (according to the guy).

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Yeah I am currently fine right now. I'm on strong anti-biotics for something totally unrelated. It's just that the total absence of the light smell/taste made me question what is normal. It's almost as if it didn't exist


I've had a BV twice, so I know that distinct smell which is awful. Coffee consumption may be something that plays on what is normal to me though.

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If you smell like beer you may have a yeast infection lol. I heard pineapple is good for guys don't know about girls and don't know if it works on either.


My pet theory is that beer is popular with men precisely because it smells like a woman's what-not.

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I have had BV twice as well and you know I have never had a strong odor to tell me I had it? The only reason I knew I had it was I asked them to check for a yeast infection because I'm so prone to getting those.


Well it is entirely possible that you will not witness all the symptoms. Per say, I never found it itchy or irritating, otherwise I wouldn't have had known unless going to get a check-up at the doctor. I just like smelling nice and fresh, and even with washing it wasn't going away.

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Thats a good question, I think it varies depending on if you excersize, what you do for work...your diet plays a huge role.

Intake of liquid...I know that if I drink nothing but water and fruits, I have basically no smell and if it smells, my bf has never told me and

I have done the smell test on myself before and if anything, sometimes might smell like pee if ive had a long day of sitting down, then peeing, then sitting down, then peeing and drinking coffee. My boss is a female and I swear everytime Im around her, she smells of pee, since if she comes im up to her waist while she stands up and im sitting down, I can smell it, it is so strange, I don't know why she smells this way...


I think its a lot to do with your diet, I guess because if Im working out constantly like 3x a week, taking in lots of water and juices like v05...I smell normal, nothing too alarming. I am comfortable with having sex right out of work without showing, however wouldn't suggest it because its a good way to get an infection...


AND Btw---- I have had Bv on and off since I started having sex when I was 19-20, the doc prescribed the same thing constantly and it always worked. I was my most confident when I was on the medication because there was absolutly no smell, I don't even think my outside of my vajajay smelled like urine..It was super awesome and I felt very clean, HOWEVER, you are not supose to have sex or insert anything inside the vagina when you are on this medication....I did anyways, many times...


lol...Uuumm...But if you feel like you are having lots of discharge like water amounts of it and you feel like you have to wipe it away constantly and even after taking a bath or shower, the smell doesn't go away, you prob have BV or a yeast infection....You should see a clinic or gyno if you can asap because I guess BV can lead to infertility.



BTW--- If your having signs of an infection, you can take a small tampon, dip it into natural yogurt and stick it up ur vagina for a few hours..take a bath or shower after wards to wash it out....and I guess yogurt is supose to cure most infections internally because of the live cultures inside of it..


Other thing you can do...Fill up ur tub half way and poor half of a vinager bottle inside of the tub, sit in it for about 20 mins or so...then get out...SHould help rid of the infection and drys up ur vagina some though, which is good if your having tons and tons of smelly discharge...u can also use salt, but I have no tried the salt in the tub thing, just seems like id get little pieces of salt grain inside and doesn't sound comfortable haha.



Hope this helped!

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